Idiot of the day


Seriously, how fucking stupid do you have to be to not understand the difference between FF6 and FF13 when it comes to linearity?

In FF13, there is only one path you can take throughout the game until you reach Gran Pulse. You literally walk down a corridor.

In FF6, you are given your own choice of exploration. Nonlinearity does not have to be “meaningful” choices – simply because what is considered meaningful is purely subjective. In any RPG, simply choosing the order in which you explore can be considered a nonlinear experience. If I choose to visit the Inn, then go outside and bash some monsters’ skulls in, then go back to town and continue with the story, that is the individual path I took, and that is the individual story that was told. That this person cannot understand that such a basic experience still constitutes the game’s story is remarkable. Really, how fucking thick headed do you have to be to not understand this?

And not to mention the obvious: which is that in the World of Ruin segment of FF6, you are free to collect your partymembers in ANY ORDER YOU CHOOSE. You can’t get more nonlinear than that without being one of those elitist maggots who think nonlinearity in video games doesn’t exist.

There is no comparison whatsoever. If you truly think FF6 is as linear as FF13, then you are lack even the most basic understanding of game design.