idiot of the day

Saw this on a major rpg maker forum:

there’s a reason that there aren’t enough people who create original sprites. the community as a whole should encourage more original works, and encourage people to learn to create original works. it’s something i’ve been saying for many years—our rpg maker world is way too focused around one graphical style, for an engine that has no such limitations. for every thread with original resources, there are literally hundreds that show off frankensprites and recolors. the problem is in the mindset of the community at large.


What’s hilarious is that the person who made this post is someone who’s known for some of the ugliest sprites around. He may have been around the community for years but he’s also never released a single full fledged game. Only one demo, a really shitty (2/5 star) sci-fi/western game that showcased his poor mapping and game design abilities.

It is incredibly ironic that someone who doesn’t even bother making games himself should be in some kind of authoritative position to be telling people how to make their games. At least these people are making games. What is he doing? Surfing rpg maker forums 24/7 and posting useless bullshit with every chance he has. Nobody cares about your shitty tutorials on making banks (something 99% of game creators have no use for). Please kindly shut the fuck up and leave the community alone. You’ve done far more damage than good by trolling and chasing off people new to rpg maker than actually helping them.