Princess Princess


Princess Princess

Release Date: 5/4/2012 (original version released in 2011)

This review is for Episode 1.5, which despite being hosted on the same gamepage as the original Princess Princess, appears to be a side game and is not anything like the original Princess Princess.

Princess Princess was the first rpg maker vx ace game released in english, created using a hacked trial version of the program. Episode 1.5 is released months later, with a graphical overhaul that features a beautiful looking skin for the main menu, particle and lighting effects on the map. The battle system is a mismash of various systems by different scripters, but the graphical skin is truly a sight to behold with minor details like enemies shaking when you hit them (and your actors’ portraits shake when they get hit) really enhancing the experience. The actual battle gameplay is also engaging and not your typical attack button mash, as you still have to think when engaging in enemies. However, some battles can catch you off guard, like the lucky fairy which can one shot your party (you’re supposed to run away).

Unfortunately I didn’t get beyond the first map because the boss fight is ridiculous. After managing to get the boss down to half health, he started one-shotting partymembers with 150+ damage attacks.

Princess Princess episode 1.5 is a fun game that many should play on easy mode (I used normal). I did not play beyond what I described above but I’m sure it continues to maintain the same quality.



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